• Tree Cottage

  • Tree Cottage Bedroom

  • Tree Cottage Washroom

Tree Cottage

Ever dreamed of living on a tree? Ever wished you could do so without giving up the luxuries of a civilized life? Well, your wish just came true! We have designed a completely modern, yet authentic, wooden house, atop a tree. It offers you breath-taking views of the gandeur of the Himalayan mountains, the sweet sound of birds singing, fresh crisp air, and cosy interiors. It is also afixed with a completely modern bath and toilet!

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  • Cottage Unit-1

  • Cottage Unit-1 Bedroom

  • Cottage Unit-1 Toilet

Cottage Unit-1

Cottage unit – 1 is amidst a beautiful flower garden with tall trees. You are treated to an absorbing valley view, with the Himalays towering over you. It has two bedrooms with attached tub bath, an equipped kitchen, a dining room,a Sitting room ,and a verandah.The glorious garden is yours for exploring and you and your friends and family can get together for a bon fire night and talk about the tales and wonders of Himalayas!

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  • Cottage Unit-2

  • Cottage Unit-2 Bedroom

  • Cottage Unit-2 Bathroom

Cottage Unit-2

Cottage unit 2 has equally cosy and comfy interiors, rooms with independent accessories and a separate kitchen suite. The view from windows is refreshingly enchanting. It consists of three rooms(with heaters), a fully equipped kitchen, a verandah, and western bathrooms. This cottage is set between apple, plum and walnut orchards, with plenty of room for camp fires.

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  • Cottage Unit-3

  • Cottage Unit-3 Bedroom

  • Cottage Unit-3 Kitchen

Cottage Unit-3

Cottage unit 3 is constructed in stone masonry based on an antique kullu style which is a mixture of both wood and stone. The view of the valley from this cottage is an ultimate experience. The view from the attic is excellent. It consists of two bedrooms with attached western restrooms. A well equipped kitchen is available along with dining. Also available is an L shaped Veranda to enjoy the surrounding fruit and flower garden.

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  • Swiss Tent

  • Swiss Tent Bedroom

  • Swiss Tent Washroom

Swiss Tent

Ever dreamed of living in a Swiss tent? It is ideal for honeymooning couples, as it offers cosy romantic evenings, and they can literally float on a cloud. Families with children will have unimaginable fun, as they live a top an exiting tree house. And if you’re a single traveller, it the perfect place to soak in on the heavenly views and retire for the night with a book.

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